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At KaroTech, we specialize in helping you make the most of your CRM technology.
So you've invested in a CRM solution.

How much value is it providing to your organization? Let us help identify where it's already providing value and where we can get more out of it. We aim to be your CRM technology strategists.​​
Implementing anything can be stressful.
Let us help support you the whole way, even if we're not the ones doing the implementation.
Your users need high-quality training and support.
As your business changes and there are new system features, we will make sure that your CRM solution continues to align and provide strategic value.

Some of our favourite things to do are...

KPI Definition. 
Sometimes it can be hard to assign metrics and KPIs to your business objectives. Let us help you define those so that you know exactly where you stand. We'll then make sure that we can capture that data in your CRM solution.

Process Improvement. 
With time, processes can become redundant and complex. Especially after a CRM implementation, it's key to identify areas where you can eliminate, simplify, or automate processes so that your people can do what they do best.

One of the top reasons for low user adoption of a system is lack of proper training. One size doesn't fit all. Some users are tech-savvy and are off to the races after a short intro. Others benefit from one-on-one attention from a patient trainer. Whatever your users needs are, we want to make them CRM superstars.
Reports & Dashboards. 
Now that we've got your KPIs defined, your users trained, and data flowing into the system, it's time to see the results. We will help you to create custom reports and dashboards that align with your KPIs and allow you to measure your success.

System Audits. 
How are my users doing? What are they doing most in the system? What could they be doing better? Who are my super users? Who are my weaker users that need more training? Let us help you conduct these audits and provide recommendations.

System Administrator Support. 
Don't have an in-house system administrator? No problem. Let us help you manage the day-to-day maintenance of your system.

A short story of how we came to be...

​​KaroTech specializes in bringing high quality technology services to small- and medium-sized businesses at affordable rates. Since most SMB companies don't have the budget or need for full time project or IT resources, having access to committed and professional consultants is a must.

Our aim is to make your technology support your high-level business objectives. Whether that means sitting down with your executive team to translate your business objectives into measurable metrics and KPIs, configuring the system to capture missing data, or training your users one-on-one, we're here to help.

A large focus at KaroTech is loving what we do. Our consultants work with the flexibility of working (almost) any time and (almost) anywhere. We want to attract high-quality consultants to do their best work for our clients.

After working at several technology consulting companies, Sara became disenchanted with the way they operated. Fighting the premise that a good PowerPoint deck satisfied training requirements, Sara decided to launch her own business, focusing on quality interactions: not just with business management, but with each and every user.
Sara Forbes
Founder & Lead Consultant

We are...

  • Certified on the salesforce.com platform 

  • Trained in business analysis industry standards

  • ​​ Dedicated to the success of small and medium-sized businesses in Canada

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